Partnership Category

There are several visa options for partners, including both temporary and resident visa options. Regardless of what visa you apply, all applicants must meet the following general requirements:

1)    The couple must be in a genuine and stable relationship.
2)   The couple have met the living together requirements.
3)   The application is supported by an eligible partner who meet character requirements.
4)   The principal applicant meets health and character requirements.

*Please be aware that these requirements are different for resident and temporary visa options. For instance, the medical and character requirements for resident visa applicants are stricter than for temporary visa applicants. There are also additional character requirements for the supporting partner of a resident visa application.

Partners of New Zealand citizens and residents

New Zealand citizens and residents can support a partner to apply for a resident visa if they meet the above requirements and have lived together for more than 12 months.

If the living together period is less than 12 months, then the partner can apply for a temporary visa and must meet the fund requirements.

Partners of temporary visa holders:

Some temporary visa holders can support a partner to apply for a special work visa if:

1)  They hold an eligible work visa, including but not limited to Essential Skills work visa that meet wage / skill level requirements, Work to Residence, Post-Study Work Visa, Work visa under Religious Worker instructions, and Entrepreneur Work Visa; OR

2)  They hold a student visa and are studying level 7 or 8 qualification in an area of absolute skills shortage; or level 9/10 qualification; and

3)  They meet the general requirements and fund requirements.

Partner of other temporary visa holders may be eligible to apply for a visitor visa based on partnership.